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We are proud to offer this revolutionary new product by one of the world’s leading video poker analysis programmers.

With Video Poker Strategy Master (VPSM), you will be able to generate an extremely accurate playing strategy for most major forms of video poker.

Games types covered include:

Any Jacks or Better type game

Any Kings or Better type game

Pick’em Poker

Any Deuces Wild type game

Any Bonus Deuces Wild type game

Any Deuces Wild Deluxe type game

(Bonus for Natural Stfl. and Natural Four of a Kind)

Any Joker -Kings or better type game

Any Joker -Two Pair or better type game

Any Double Joker type game

The Jacks or Better type games include all the popular variations such as Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Deluxe and the two main kicker games-Double Double Bonus and Double Double Jackpot.

Why Buy VPSM?

With VPSM there is no longer a need to buy multiple 168bet strategy cards or strategy books that are only accurate for one set paytable. With the flexibility of VPSM, you can choose between creating a sound, basic strategy , or an extremely detailed advanced strategy. Simply enter any paytable and it will list a complete, easy to read, color coded strategy. You then can print out the strategy or save it to a file for later viewing. This is especially useful for progressive players who want to know the right strategy for any given progressive royal amount!!

No longer will you have to spend tedious hours generating your own strategy cards. Now in just a few seconds VPSM will do the job!

How Accurate Will The Strategies Be?

VPSM was designed to be especially accurate on Jacks 9/6, Double Bonus 10-7, Full Pay Deuces Wild, All American Poker, Pick’em Poker, and Double Joker 9/5. Jazbo Burns, another leading authority on video poker programming, has tested some of the strategies generated by VPSM. His work shows that on All American, Triple Bonus, and 8/5 Jacks Progressive t he results have all been within 0.01%! The advanced Jacks 9/6 strategy generated by VPSM returns 99.5429% vs 99.5439% with perfect play. The advanced 10-7 Double Bonus strategy by VPSM returns 100.1692% vs 100.1725% with perfect play. And the advanced full pay deuces wild strategy by VPSM returns 100.7613% vs 100.7620% with perfect play. Not every game strategy will be this accurate, but all should be within 1/10 of 1% of perfect play.

VPSM is a 32 bit program and therefore requires Windows 95, NT or 98.

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