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Money Management is a set of techniques used collectively to form a plan that enables a player to properly adjust and successfully control the amount of money waged while gambling.

Gambling Funds

 Set funds, and keep them separated. Set an amount for an entire gambling session, or for each day of your trip or during each session. When you lost all your money for one session do not take money from the next fund.


 Set a goal (for example that you will double your buy-in amount) and stop gambling after reaching your goal. As longer you stay in a game after having reached your goal as more likely the casino will beat you down.

Stop-Loss Limit

 Set a loss limit of 50% of your session funds. Example1: You start with $100. When you get down to $50, stop immediately. Example2: You start with $100. You get up to $200. When you get down to $150, stop immediately.

Separate Expenses

 Set aside the money for all other expenses like, traveling, eating, drinking, shows, fun etc.


 Set aside an amount to gamble with. This amount might determine what games you should play, what bets you should make, how big your bets should be, and the amount of time you can play. Never ever supplement your bankroll with any other monies once you have settled on an amount (borrowing money).

Making a Living Gambling Bocoran Slot Gacor

Making a living

 Making a living as a professional gambler is extremely difficult. To end up with a million Dollars at gambling, you probably need to start with two million Dollars. There is an estimate that there are only about 200 people in the US who earn $100,000 per year gambling.

Winning Games

 There is a very limited number of games that can be permanently won by a serious player. These games are the games of skill and not the games of chance: Blackjack, poker, VideoPoker, Casino Tournaments, Horse Racing, and Sports Betting.

Blackjack Requirements

 Basic strategy for single-, double-, and multideck games. Card counting methods. Knowing about penetration and side counts. Good money management skills.

Poker Requirements

 Specialize in one game first (Texas Hold’em, five- or seven-card stud, or draw poker). Learn the odds. Learn to read other players. You have to know exactly when, how, who.. to bluff.  

Video Poker Requirements

 Knowing the right machines to play.

Horse Racing Requirements

 All information you can get about each race. Pass up races that are too close to call. Overcome the house edge of 17 to 20%. Know which items are dominant, which must be weighted and what must be considered.

Sports Betting Requirements

 Investigation on payouts, because they differ from region to region.  

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