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Caribbean Stud Poker Rules and Togel Singapore


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     Caribbean Stud Poker is a card game where the player competes against a computer dealer. The player is dealt a 5 card hand and can only see one of the cards that the dealer is dealt. From this the player must then decide whether to fold and quit or continue playing and compete against the dealer. If the player wins, he is paid out at a certain rate depending upon what hand he has. For example, if the player wins against the dealer with 2 pair, he is paid at 2:1, but if the player wins against the dealer with a full house, he is paid at 7:1.

Playing The Game

     Caribbean Stud Poker begins with the player being dealt a 5 card hand. The dealer is also dealt a 5 card hand, but the player can only see 1 of the dealer’s cards. The player then has the option of folding and quitting the hand, losing the bet, or he may raise at an amount of his initial ante and compete against the dealer’s hand. The player does not have the option of just continuing without raising. The dealer’s complete hand is then revealed. If the player has a stronger poker hand than the dealer, then he wins.

     The player is paid out at a rate set by the house. I will post the standard payout rates below according to each poker hand. Most Caribbean Togel Singapore Poker sites have a rule that the dealer only plays with an Ace plus King or higher. If the dealer does not qualify, then the player wins his initial ante only. There is also an option at some sites which offer a progressive side game. Usually the player antes another dollar to play in the progressive game. The player is then paid out from the progressive pot depending upon what hand he gets. For example, many sites offer a payout of 100% of the progressive pot for a Royal Flush and 10% of the progressive pot for a Straight Flush. It doesn’t matter if the player beats the computer dealer or not in order to win this or not. Some casino sites have a house maximum that can be paid out per hand.

Bingo Rules


     Bingo is a game played with numbered cards. Players buy in from 1 to multiple cards which are usually numbered in 5 x 5 squares. Each card has a different number pattern. Multiple players can play in a Bingo game at once, all with different cards. In real life Bingo, there is an announcer who calls out the number which is generated from an air ball machine. In on-line casino Bingo, the player is usually playing against a computer who has cards of it’s own. The winner is usually determined by either the player or the computer getting some type of set pattern first.

Playing The Game

     Playing Bingo in on-line casinos is similar to playing Bingo in real life. The player may purchase Bingo cards at some price. Most on-line casinos offer the option for the player to purchase multiple cards per game. Casinos usually offer multiple price options for the cards. The more you pay per card, the more your winnings will be similar to coin operated gambling machines.

     Different on-line casinos offer Bingo is slightly different formats. In the Softec package which many on-line casinos use, the user may play up to 6 Bingo cards at a price ranging from 5 cents to 5 dollars. Eleven numbers are then randomly generated. Depending on what pattern forms on your card(s) you win a payout from 1 X to 100 X your coin size.

     Another version of Bingo is in the MicroGaming Systems software package. In this version of Bingo, the player may purchase up to 8 cards per game. No matter how many cards the player purchases, there is a total of 20 cards brought into play between the player and the house. The money pool is then 20 X the amount chosen by the player per card. The winner is whoever first gets 5 numbers in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. From the money pool, the house takes a 10% cut. The winner then gets the amount left over. If both the player and the dealer have a winning card at the same time, then the money pool is split. If the player and the dealer have multiple winning cards, with each having at least one winning card, then the money pool is split proportionally.

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