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Windows Casino – Review


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Windows Casino burst onto the scene this summer – and I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would choose such a name for a casino!

Windows – the Desktop Casino – does have a nice ring to it, though, and like all Real Time Gaming sites the games play quite well.

So I ventured to the Desktop casino to see if all my previous experiences at similar casinos would hold up.

Before I start, though, I want to point out that the software manufacturer, Real Time Gaming, has a number of good casinos on the Net, and I can’t recall having ever heard a serious complaint about any of their casinos – what I heard lots of was praise for the games.

Anyhow, as I do at all RTG casinos, I immediately header for the Jacks or Better Video Poker – a game I have never lost at when playing at an RTG casino. So play and play I did – and true to form, I didn’t lose – in fact I won a little bit and had plenty of entertainment.

Decided to go in for a bit of blackjack – and did okay there, the game is certainly fair but my Blackjack luck has been suffering of late.

With a little bit of profit remaining, I decided to go a bit crazy, and headed for Red Dog, where I have had mixed results. But not this time – uniquecasino.fr less than five hands later I was dealt triplets for 9-1, not bad! Beat a couple of one-card spreads as well, then jacked up the bet and hit another triplet!

Dang good. Super good. That is, if I had decided to quit… but I didn’t, figuring I would be content to be entertained a bit more, or reach a lofty goal of $500.

Well, I broke even in the end – came within $35 of the goal but then Lady Luck decided I’d had enough fun for the night and sent me back to square one.

Windows Casino also has a lot of other games and slots – and I am certain you will find this to be an entertaining and fair casino, where winnings are literally around the corner!

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