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Want to know if the casino you want to IDNPLAY gamble in is trustworthy? Come here and check out the best sources available.


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Colosseum Casino

I suppose that it was the Roman habit of wagering on gladiator contests that makes the theme so popular in modern online casinos. The creators of the Colosseum Casino used the theme sparingly, and interspersed traditional casino colors into the design. The result is a pleasant change from the midnight in Las Vegas look that many online casinos adopt. The graphics are clean, and the site very easy to navigate.

There are no free java games for instant play. If you wish to play for real or for fun (the term they use is “guest player”), you have to download the software. There are full instructions that are detailed and easy to follow. The games are downloaded in a manner that is slightly different than what you may be used to if you have already gambled in other online casinos. Initially only a few games are activated, although the links for the others are present in a greyed out version. If you wish to play one of these games, you click on the icon and that particular game will be downloaded. There are 19 games in all, so there is a good selection, including the traditional favorites, and some new games. Each game is complete with a help file for those who are just starting out.

The Coloseum Casino provides you with both cyber support through e-mail, and real-time through the telephone numbers provided. For those of you who are worried about the odds being legitimate in online casinos, the Price Waterhouse Cooper seal on the home page is assuring. But then Micro Gaming, the gaming software company this casino utilizes, is one of the major suppliers and is known to be reliable. Processing of your credit card is via secure transaction. All of these are very big plus factors in deciding what online casino to trust your money with. This casino comes up a winner on all points.

Grand Banks Casino

Grand Banks Casino is another fine casino built on the fine Real Time IDNPLAY Gaming software platform. Their selection of 29 games is good for anyone wanting a taste of variety, and the Platinum Safebet certificate is an indication that Grand Banks takes fair play to heart. Grand Banks is a fully licensed casino, within the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Their site proudly proclaims that they pay out to credit cards within 48 hours, and cheques within 7 business days. Although I didn’t find their site desperately flashy, it did contain some good information on the games

themselves (including tips!) and was pleasently designed. There’s a warm feel at Grand Banks Casino.

Looking for a bonus? Sure you are – who isn’t? Well, Grand Banks comes through right on the home page with an offer for up to $150 free for first-timers. Their “Red Carpet Rewards” program is an ongoing bonus system that rewards consistant play automatically. Grand Banks also holds running tournaments in their various games, rewarding those with the highest scores during the time of the contest with prizes of $150. It’s an added innovation that not only motivates players, but gives us a chance to take home a little extra – you just need to beat the other players!

Now the all important question… Is it fun? You bet! The Real Time Gaming Software is slick as usual, offering games that are played at a proper speed – as opposed to some casinos where you have to wait 10 seconds for your blackjack hand to be dealt. The sounds are equally entertaining, and overall Grand Banks has a great feel to it. The only thing missing, for some folks, was the progressive slots. But if you’re a table game player like myself, this casino delivers your favorites in a big way. Overall I recommend Grand Banks as a great example of fun, interactive gaming.

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