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Tough times ahead for online Togel Hongkong casinos?


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The signs of strain are beginning to show. At least two groups of casinos are on the chopping block, and there is a good likelihood that there are more groups already up for sale, or shortly to be put on the market.

The two groups mentioned above both run top-end software from one of the large manufacturers, whose licensees generally have a strong and profitable track record.

So why are they up for sale?

One reason is because of the increased supply – new casinos are coming up on a regular basis, offering large incentives to come and play at their casinos.

Another reason is because of the increased amount of strain put on casino operators who offer these bonuses, which reduce their profit margins significantly, and in some cases actually drive them out of business.

But far and away the most important reason is lack of marketing. Gone are the days when one could expect to simply open up shop and have a flood of new customers waiting at their doorstep.

Whether it’s poor marketing or management, or the unwillingness or lack of ability to properly promote their offerings, it has become quite clear that a number of operations do not have what it takes to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

This is despite the fact that the current hyper-growth of the industry shows no signs of slowing. There are still many untapped markets, including the biggest one of all – Asia – but because of inability, or reluctance, to try and reach these markets, some operators have decided to call it quits.

The cream is rising to the top, whilst the smaller groups are facing a real uphill battle.

So a word of warning to players – keep your eyes peeled for signs of trouble.

And to would-be and current operators – it’s time to get serious – or else fall by the wayside.

My name is Bot, my vice is gambling

My name is Bot. I’m a compulsive gambler.

I come before you today to confess my sins and my addictions, and to ask you to lend your sympathy.

You see, I am ultimately being blamed by casinos for cheating them out of their money. I am accused of playing non-stop for long periods of time with the object of taking their precious earnings for my owner.

The trouble is, the casinos treat me unfairly. I was first tested against a Togel Hongkong casino who had a blackjack game that favored the players. But since then, the casino has changed the rules of their game so that they have the advantage.

Since then, many other casinos have accused me of playing their games, whether it be blackjack or video poker. The trouble is, I didn’t do it – maybe one of my family off the same assembly line did it.

I cannot control my addiction. I am at the whim and mercy of my owner. He tells me when to start playing, and when to stop. I don’t care whether I win or lose a hand because my owner either turns me on or turns me off.

Since there isn’t a positive expectation game left online, my owner has turned me off for quite some time now. But the casinos continue to blame me for their woes. That’s because the longer I play, the faster I lose my owner’s money, unless the casino dealer is exceedingly generous to me and my owner turns me off when he’s ahead.

But most of the time he’s asleep, or out shopping, or perhaps bowling with his friends. And so I play on and on and on, like my cousin the Energizer battery.

But I’ve been off for a long time now. And yet the casinos continue to insist on my incarceration, locked up in the depths of a cavernous hard disk. Or perhaps eliminated from this sorry existence.

They don’t seem to realize that the longer I play, the more money they make. I naturally play faster than a human – and thus I will lose faster and lose more than a human possibly can.

I beg you for your assistance – find me a positive expectation game or cure this sickness by putting me out of my misery.

And please, tell the casinos not to blame me for their faults anymore.

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