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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Official Rules of Hold’em Poker


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1. Definitions

2. Application

3. Conditions of Entry

4. Wagers

5. Rules for Tournament Play

6. End of Session

1. Definitions

In this division, unless the contrary intention appears:

“Add-on” means a once-only purchase of an additional bank of tournament chips at a specified time, purchased by the player during the play of the tournament;

“Applicant” means an applicant for entry to a poker tournament;

“Breaking” means the method by which the number of tournament tables are reduced as players are eliminated from the tournament. Such method shall be at the discretion of the tournament director;

“Buy-in” means the amount paid by the Togel applicant to comprise a prize pool or prize pools;

“Entry Fee” means the amount paid by the applicant that may be retained by the casino operator for administrative purposes or other related prize pools;

“Player” means a person accepted to participate in a tournament;

“Re-buy” means the purchase of an additional bank of tournament chips that may be purchased by the player during a pre-determined time period of the tournament whenever the player has less than the starting bank of chips;

“Secondary Tournament” means a second chance competition open to players who have failed to qualify for a subsequent session of play;

“Session” means until a designated number of players remain in the tournament or a set time period or the play of a designated number of rounds of play at the completion of which:

(i) the winner and/or place-getter/s are determined, or

(ii) the winner and/or place-getter/s advance to a further session, or

(iii) the winner and/or place-getter/s advance to a final session;

“Tournament” means a competition based on the playing of Poker provided for in these rules which provides all players with an equal chance of winning;

“Tournament Chips” means non-value chips approved by the Authority for use in the game of tournament poker, and designated by the casino operator for use in the tournament concerned; and

“Tournament Director” means a poker room supervisor or poker room management representative, designated by the casino operator, who shall be present while the tournament is in progress and be responsible for the conduct of the tournament.

2. Application

2.1 Subject to rule 2.2:

(a) the general rules contained in General Rules of these rules; and

(b) the rules of poker contained in Poker Rules of these rules,

shall apply to the game of tournament poker. Where there is an inconsistency between any rule contained in this division and any of the general rules or the rules of poker, the rules in this division shall prevail when tournament poker is being played.

2.2 The following rules shall not apply to the game of tournament poker:

(a) section 9 and rules 10.2, 10.4, 15.1 and 15.4 of General Rules; and

(b) section 8, and rules 11.1(a), 12.1(a), 13.1(a), 14.1(a), 15.1(a), 16.1(a), 17.1(a) of Poker Rules.

3. Conditions of Entry

3.1 The casino operator may charge applicants a fee for entry to a tournament.

3.2 Before accepting applications for entry into a tournament the casino operator shall determine, in relation to the tournament:

(a) the form of the entry form;

(b) the amount of any entry fee;

(c) the value of the buy-in;

(d) the number and value of the re-buys;

(e) the value of the add-on;

(f) the number of add-ons and re-buys;

(g) the minimum and maximum number of players in the tournament (if any);

(h) the amount of tournament chips to be allocated to the players at the beginning of a session;

(i) the duration of the sessions (including play-offs); and

(j) the tournament prize list and the manner in which the prizes shall be distributed.

3.3 The casino operator may:

(a) refuse any application for entry to a tournament;

(b) determine entries may be transferable;

(c) disqualify or suspend for a specified time period any player who fails to comply with the rules of the tournament;

(d) disqualify any player who fails to attend at designated playing times;

(e) determine:

(i) the allocation of players to sessions,

(ii) the seating of players, and

(iii) the method of breaking the number of tables as players are eliminated; and

(f) cancel a tournament before it begins due to lack of participation.

3.4 The casino operator may retain up to 100% of the total of entry fees for administrative purposes, or other related prize pools. The total of buy-ins, re-buys and add-ons shall comprise a prize pool or prize pools. The casino operator may also contribute money, goods or services to the prize pool/s.

3.5 No entry fee or part thereof shall be refunded to a player unless:

(a) the player withdraws from the tournament either:

(i) not less than 4 weeks before the beginning of tournament play, or

(ii) before the beginning of tournament play and the casino operator consents to the refund; or

(b) the tournament does not proceed,

in which event the entry fee shall be refunded.

3.6 No entry fee or part thereof shall be refunded to any player who is disqualified.

3.7 The tournament director may alter the starting time of any session, subject to reasonable notice first being given to the participants.

4. Wagers

4.1 All wagers shall be made with tournament chips.

4.2 No player who has made a wager by placing tournament chips on the layout shall handle, withdraw or alter the wager except as permitted or required by these rules.

4.3 Subject to reasonable notice, the tournament director may limit the time allowed to the players for making their respective wagers. In the event of a player not acting within the allotted time period, that player’s hand may be declared a dead hand. All wagers made by that player shall remain in the pot/s.

4.4 Where a player:

(a) does not take an allotted seat at the specified times as nominated by the tournament director; or

(b) is absent during play,

all antes, blinds, and forced bets shall be deducted from his/her chip inventory. This player’s position at the table shall still be dealt in during the absence and shall retain all rights as if the player were present at the table.

5. Rules for Tournament Play

5.1 The tournament director shall be present while the tournament is in progress.

5.2 At the beginning of each session players shall be allocated a gaming table and a position at the table at which to play. A player may wager on and control only the position allocated to him/her.

5.3 At the request of the game supervisor a player shall provide his/her name for recording purposes.

5.4 At the beginning of a session each participating player shall hold an equivalent number of tournament chips, which shall have been issued by the casino operator in accordance with the conditions of entry to the tournament. Alternatively each player may receive a numbered voucher which may be exchanged for tournament chips at the table.

5.5 No player may lend or borrow tournament chips during play.

5.6 No player may leave the table while a session is in progress, except in an emergency or with the consent of the tournament director. The tournament director may approve a substitute player, nominated in person by the player, to take that player’s allotted seat during any session. There may only be one substitution between the same players during a session of play.

5.7 All players shall at all times keep their tournament chips in front of them and in clear view of the other players and the game supervisor, until the session has ended and the winner and/or place-getters, as the case may be, been determined. The chips shall be kept in such a manner that the total value of chips can be seen by the other players at the table.

5.8 Any player who pockets or otherwise conceals chips, or removes chips from the table, during tournament play may be disqualified.

5.9 No player may request advice regarding his/her decisions of play from any other player or spectator, and no such other player or spectator may offer such advice, unless provided for in the rules.

6. End of Session

6.1 The number of players to advance to the next session shall be determined at the start of the tournament.

6.2 The winner/s of each session shall be the player/s on each table with the highest value of chips at the end of the session.

6.3 Should players be eliminated in the same round, placings shall be awarded relative to the amount of tournament chips the eliminated players contributed to the final pot/s.

6.4 Tournament chips in the possession of a player at the end of a session of play shall remain the property of the casino operator and be returned to the casino operator at the end of the session at the table at which they were used.

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