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MGM, Boyd Gaming and togel Singapore.Party enter partnership


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With legalized online poker legislation looming on the horizon, more gaming companies are making plans to secure their place in the potentially re-opened U.S. market. A recent announcement states that MGM Resorts International, Boyd Gaming and Bwin.Party digital entertainment have joined together in anticipation of legalized online poker. This partnership is reported to have been in the making for nearly 18 months. Finally an agreement was reached where they would jointly run online gaming operations in the event that it is legalized in the United States. togel Singapore .Party will hold the majority, with 65% ownership, while MGM will hold 25% and Boyd 10%.

This partnership could be a potent one, as these companies are some of largest in the gaming market. Bwin.Party is currently the largest publicly traded online gambling company, despite being shut out of the US market for over 5 years now. They have the second largest online poker room in the world and also own the World Poker Tour. MGM Resorts has extensive holdings, including 10 resort/casinos on the Las Vegas strip, and others across the United States and in Macau. Boyd Gaming runs 16 different casino properties across the United States.

Bwin.Party was very quick to exit the American online poker market when the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed back in 2006. Many questioned their move, while other sites, such as Pokerstars and Fulltilt Poker, kept their doors open to Americans. However, by complying with the law, they managed to completely avoid the fallout of Black Friday. Since then, there has been speculation that Bwin.Party might have the best chance at again servicing the American online gaming market, should legislation pass that would legalize it.

Under this partnership, both MGM and Boyd would be able to run their own poker sites through Bwin.Party’s technology and software. MGM had previously run its own internet gambling operation, but it ceased in 2003, citing “regulatory uncertainties.” Depending on online gaming legislation specifics, their sites may or may not be part of the Party Poker network player pool.

Pro Bounty Madness on UB

Most tournament players love bounties, especially when they’re provided courtesy of US poker sites. Play in UB’s Bounty Madness tourneys and win prizes when you knock out specific members of Team UB. The tournaments run five times per week and feature different pros and different prizes each time.

Sunday features Adam Levy, otherwise known as Roothlus. If you can bust him out of the $60k rebuy tournament that starts at 5:30 pm ET, you will win a ticket to the next $200k guarantee (which also takes place on Sundays).

You can also get into the $200k guaranteed by busting Trishelle Cannatella. You will find her every Tuesday night in the $10k guaranteed at 9:20 pm ET. If you can bust her, you will receive a ticket to the following Sunday’s $200k event.

Cannatella isn’t the only UB pro playing on Tuesday. Hollywood Dave Stann plays the $25k guaranteed sniper tournament every Tuesday night, and if you can bust him, you also receive a $215 ticket into the Sunday $200k. This brings the number of bounties awarding tournament tickets to a total of three!

I hope you like playing Tuesday nights because yet another Bounty Madness tournament takes place this day of the week. Play the $50k guarantee 6-max event at 8:30 pm ET and you have the chance to eliminate Maria Ho. If you can do so, you will receive $300 Tournament Dollars!

Wednesday night features one of the best players found in online poker rooms, Joe Sebok. He will participate in the $80k sniper tournament every Wednesday at 9 pm ET. If you can bust him out of the event, you will receive $200 Tournament Dollars to spend as you please.

Your fifth and final chance to play a Bounty Madness tournament takes place on Saturdays. Hopefully you don’t mind playing something other than Hold’em because Brandon Cantu will be found in the $10k guaranteed PLO8 tournament at 3:30 pm ET. If you can bust Cantu in this event, you will be given $150 Tournament Dollars for your efforts.

Nothing makes a tournament more interesting than the chance for extra money. Play as many Bounty Madness tournaments as possible, and rejoice when you see the target pro at your table. You will need to make sure that you are playing your A game, however, because you don’t want the pro to post YOU before you get the chance to bust him!

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