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jala 428 New Special First Entering


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Last night Wong playing of heads up no limit jala 428 against brother Gary Wong. Gary Wong being crazy tilt monkey. He drinking all night at Grey Goose and Robitussin until he start try for make desperate bluffings at Wong for want get even from early losings. Wong see everything, stay patient, trust in lucky hat, wait for trap at Gary Wong with big hand.

But Wong begin now having of dead cards. Wong thinking it bad feng shui at Gary Wong den. Ugly pleather couch ruining at Wong every hand. Every time Wong having flush or straight, there being only stupid no pair for low hand. Always it seem Wong getting only split at most of pot. Wong getting now tired, decide for quit after next time holding chung before Gary Wong take back any of Wong winnings more.

Gary Wong then play last hand very badly. Wong get cards 2d 3c 4c joker 6s and 8h 8d. Wong checking and Gary Wong coming out bet. He first making pot size raise 2000 American dollar. Wong thinking it most likely he having of solid hand and is making now bet for the feeling up of Wong to see where he standing. Wong know he have big contemptable for minimum bettings, so Wong bait at him with tiny 500 dollar raise. Gary Wong coming over top with raise of 8000 dollar and Rolex watch. Wong now making fun because Gary Wong wrist have bad green mark from cheap knocked off fake watch, reraise genuine Omega Seamaster and keys to Wong Porsche. Gary Wong feel manhood being insult by Wong doubting of bet genuineness, make foolish call with spare bulldozer.

Wong very much now confused because never know Gary Wong having of bulldozer, but Gary Wong reassure he finding of bulldozer abandoned in front yard by wasteful American road building company. We having now showdown for biggest pot of night. Gary Wong make very big super crucial mistake in setting hand, show Ac As Ad 9s 7s and 7h 7d! If he playing of triple 7s in high hand and 2 ace in low hand, he guaranteeing for self of at least split at pot, but get greedy, try for big scooping. Wong winning, take money, leave in hurry while Gary Wong still cursing and throw things. Wong going in morning return for the picking up of new bulldozer.

Wong continue now with Mr. Rider trend for include link at silly game.

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