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How Your Office Can Benefit From Filtered Water


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By providing a water filter tap in your office you are not only making pure fresh water available to your staff, you are also helping improve their health.  A water purifier will remove the bacteria and any harmful contaminants from the water and improve the taste and smell by removing the chlorine.

A healthy alternative

Filtered water is a lot better for your health than normal tap water as any bacteria or contaminants are removed.  Normal tap water can contain over two thousand different bacteria including those that cause harmful gastrointestinal diseases.  A water filter will also remove any lead which is unhealthy to consume.  Studies have shown that by drinking filtered water you can reduce the risk of some cancers such as bladder and bowel cancer.  Help keep your staff healthy by installing a water filter.  Healthier staff will mean less sick days taken which in turn is better for your company’s profits.

Quick and easy

Having filtered water is a quick and easy way to access good healthy water.  Having a water filter tap installed means that you only need to turn on the tap or flick the mixer to get good fresh healthy water.  While a water filter will remove the harmful bacteria it will retain the nutrient rich minerals that are necessary to our health.  The filter will quickly remove the bacteria without having to boil or sterilise it.

Cheaper than bottled water

There is the initial cost of installing the water filter but once it is in the system, it is fixed.  Buying bottled water is expensive, especially if you drink the required eight glasses a day.  Bottled water can cost as much as a bottle of soft drink and at the end of the day you are paying for something that you can get out of the tap virtually for free.  When buying bottled water you are paying for the cost of packaging, transportation, wages of the factory workers who bottle it and a whole host of other costs.  Why do this when you can get a similar and sometimes even better product straight from the tap. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville

Chilled and boiled water

You can have taps installed that not only filter your water but have separate taps that have chilled water and another tap that has boiled water.  This is convenient so you don’t have staff wasting time waiting for the kettle to boil for their cups of tea and coffee.  Your office can have a whole system installed that provides for all your different needs.

No storing water bottles

By having a water filter on your tap you are saving yourself from having a free standing water filter which requires large bottles of.  Not only do you need to store the full bottles of water, you also have to find a spot for the empty bottles as well.

Increased energy levels

It is important for your energy levels to drink enough water.  To maintain the efficiency of your staff provide them with quality water that they will enjoy drinking.

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