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Casino Consulting and Wild Casino Review


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The Wizard of Odds Consulting specializes in solving math-based problems for the gaming industry. Whether you need an evaluation of a new casino game, a slot machine design, help with a promotion, software evaluation, or fair gaming certification for an Internet casino, I can help. If you’re in the gaming business and need the help of a mathematican chances are I do what you need. Some of my most frequenly requested services are:

Math analysis of new casino games. Using my background in math and computer programming I will evaluate every possible path of events in the game, calculating the probability and expected value of every possible play. Even if it requires running through billions of hands I can determine the perfect player strategy and house advantage from using it.

Slot machine design. My analysis of slot machines at Vegas casinos has warranted coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the Las Vegas Advisor. I have also personally designed many of the slot machines played on the Internet. Give me a game idea and I will produce a game that plays just like the machines in Vegas, using the same methodology.

Promotion design. Both land and Internet casinos have featured my promotions. Tell your basic idea and I’ll work with you on the numbers and specifics to give you a working promotion to fit your budget.

Internet casino software evaluation. I’m familiar with the way all major casino games are supposed to be played. Let me evaluate your software and I will highlight areas where conventional rules are not followed, possibily resulting in a player advantage. I also know the mistakes frequently made by Internet casinos and will pay particular attention to those areas to make sure your games play like the real thing.

Certified Fair Gaming. People are wary of Wild Casino Review gambling on the Internet because they worry they might be cheated. You can help reassure potential customers by having my company certify the fairness of your games. I offer log file evaulation to determine both payout percentages and certification of fairness. Please visit for more information on this service.

My qualifications to provide these services include:

Many satisfied clients all over the world.

Current adjunct professor of Casino Math at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Associate Actuary with the Society of Actuaries since 1995.

Recognition of my work in local and national newspapers.

Columnist for Casino Player magazine.

Graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. in mathematics/economics, class of 1988.

Twenty years of computer programming experience. My language of choice is C++ and I also use Java, Fortran, Pascal, and Perl.

Nine years of actuarial experience for the Social Security Administration.

Thorough understanding and analysis of all the major casino games. My web site,, says it all.

Located in Las Vegas, allowing me to keep up to date on the gaming industry

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